Attempted Child Luring-La Ronge

On Wednesday September 6, 2017 at approximately 4:00 p.m. La Ronge RCMP responded to a complaint of a 10-year-old child being approached by an adult male who attempted to lure the child into his vehicle using threats. The child ran away and the man drove off. The incident occurred on Studer St.


The adult male was reportedly driving an older-model, light-blue, Ford half-ton truck with rust around the wheels and possibly a broken passenger side window with tape and plastic over it. The truck had an Alberta license plate.


The adult male is described as; Aboriginal, in his 30s, dark hair with a short buzz cut, dark eyes, wearing a black “muscle shirt”, black shorts, sunglasses on his head and running shoes. He is described as having a number of tattoos including a tear-drop on his left eye and a skull on his left arm.


La Ronge RCMP are actively investigating and have increased patrols at key times when children are active in the community. Investigators are also asking for the public’s assistance in identifying the man or providing any information regarding suspicious activity in the area at that time.




Anyone who may have witnessed the incident, or who might have video surveillance or cell phone images at or about that time is asked to immediately call the La Ronge detachment at 306-425-6730 or 310-RCMP.


As police conduct their investigation, parents are encouraged to speak with their children and review safety precautions, including:


-        Be aware of surroundings and note suspicious people or vehicles and report them promptly to teachers, parents or other trusted adults


-        Listen to earbuds through one ear only, so you can hear traffic, people, dogs or any other potential hazards


-        Do not approach a vehicle if you don’t know the person inside


-        Do not talk to strangers


-        Have a friend walk with you if possible


-        Stick to sidewalks along busy streets as opposed to cutting through alleys or parks