Fraudulent Phone Scam

Numerous Saskatchewan RCMP detachments have received information about a telephone based scam occurring in the province. The caller identifies themselves as an officer with the Canada Revenue Agency and informs the victim that their SIN has been involved in crime and attempts to learn the victim's banking information and SIN. During the call the caller asks for the victim's local RCMP Detachment and phone number stating that an officer will call them. The caller then uses a device to mimic the local police department's phone number on caller ID and has an accomplice call the victim to provide confirmation of the initial caller's scam posing as a local Police Officer.

The RCMP wants to make the public aware of this situation and to advise you to never provide personal details over the phone without confirming who the caller is. Should you receive a call that you are unsure of the best way to prevent becoming the victim of a crime is to ask the caller their name, agency they work for, a call back number, and then do your own research. Check the phonebook or internet for the agency the caller claimed to work phone and then call that number.