The Saskatchewan RCMP is aware of a phone scam in which the caller identifies themselves as an officer with the Canada Revenue Agency and informs the victim that their Social Insurance Number has been involved in a crime. The caller then attempts to learn the victim’s personal banking information and Social Insurance Number. During the call, the caller also asks for the victim’s local RCMP Detachment and phone number and advises that a police officer will call them. The caller then uses a device to mimic the local police department’s phone number on caller ID, and has an accomplice pose as a local police officer and call the victim again to provide confirmation of the initial caller’s scam.

Should you receive a call that you are unsure of, the best way to prevent becoming a victim of crime is to never provide personal details over the phone without confirming who the caller is, even if the phone number appears legitimate (such as “RCMP” appearing on the call display). The police will NOT phone you to ask for your Social Insurance Number or banking information.

If you receive a call similar to this, ask the caller their name and the agency they work for, and then do your own research using a phone book or the internet to find a listed phone number for that agency. Do not use a call-back number that the caller has provided. Further, please report it to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre:…