Slight of Hand Theft-North Battleford

On 2018-08-01 the above pictured female was involved in a sleight of hand theft of cash from Canadian Tire. This female brought two high value items for purchase to the checkout. Once the items had been rung in the female handed the cashier a pile of $20 bills. The cashier counted the bills and then the female took the bills back to count them again herself. While doing so the female challenged the clerk on the amount shown on the register and as the cashier looked at the till screen to confirm the female skimmed off a quantity of the bills before returning the remaining ones to the cashier. Once the cashier received the bills back they were placed into the register without confirming. The female leaves the store but returned minutes later with the items requesting a full cash refund for the purchase. Upon review of video
surveillance by the store owner and review of the night cash out it was determined that the female was able to steal $140.00 cash.

If you are able to identify the female shown in the attached photos please contact Battleford RCMP at 306-446-1720 or anonymously at Crime Stoppers 1-800-222-8477 or online at